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Newspapers are losing their audience at a rapid pace

According to the New York Times, newspapers readership has been in a steady, rapid decline for almost 20 years. At the same time, Internet use is skyrocketing. According to Nielsen, 75% of Americans are now online. Jupiter Media reports that 9 out of 10 of those people are using search engines to find information, including rental property, instead of print media such as newspapers and yellow pages.    

Internet use for homes for rent and real estate

New York Times  October 28, 2008

More people are now using Internet Search Engines to Find Rental Property than ever before
Internet Usage
% Usage
Internet Search Engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google now account for about 90% of all searches done online.
Source: Neilsen/Net Ratings
"Want to know where to invest your online marketing dollars in 2007? Aim for higher rankings in the top search engines. Sixty-two percent of searchers click on a link within the first page of results, according to a report from iProspect and Jupiter Research... To guarantee you'll turn up in the top search results, invest in a paid search campaign. Local search campaigns are often the most affordable and will bring traffic from your immediate market..."

- Kim T. Gordon 10 Marketing Trends To watch For In 2007 11/10/06

"People do what is easy. Access to the Internet via work, home, or any library have truly made getting online easy. According to Jupiter Media, over 64% of people who are looking for information online, use search engines. If I can type my problem or what I want into a search engine and find what I need, I don't need to go through the 100 pages of ads... Search engines are getting more precise down to an industry specialty and geographic focus, while also continuing to be easier to use." (note: this article is from 2004--the number of people using Internet search engines to find information online - including rental property - is now about 90% according to Jupiter Research.)

-Phil Reifenberg  Search vs. Yellow Pages: 4 Reasons Why Search Engines Beat Yellow Pages in Local Advertising 7/2004

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For Lease By Owner delivers more traffic in less time, for better results at a fraction of the cost of newspapers and other advertising media.

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Allows interested renters to contact you faster and easier. FLBO includes a convenient e-mail option which means your next tenant is only a mouse click away! Detailed mapping options help your prospect's find you quicker and easier.

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